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Somerset Home-baked Goodies became famous from making cookies for parties and as gifts for friends and family. The richness of the wholesome ingredients and the special care taken to preserve the flavors and aromas have given us a following across the World for cookies for every occasion.

What makes Somerset Home-baked Goodies' cookies a World traveled specialty? Dedication to the principle of using only the freshest ingredients and baking the cookies to order. With these simple precepts you can be sure that your cookies will be not only tasty but also retain the textures envisioned by the master baker who lovingly positions each cookie on the baking tray with you in mind.

Whether you are throwing a party for friends & family, or stealing some away for your personal pleasure, Somerset Home-baked Goodies delivers cookies that are as totally seductive as they are addictive.

Warning: Somerset Home-baked Goodies' Cookies are addictive.

Traditional Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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best chocolate chip cookies PhilippinesThe chocolate chip cookie has come a long way in eight decades, since Ruth Wakefield first introduced chocolate chip cookies to her ice-cream adhoring fans. With an infusion of dark chocolate from the rainforested hills above Davao and nuts from various Philippime islands, Somerset Home-baked Goodies' Choclate Chip Cookies offer the pinnacle of excellence and a maximum for addiction. Offered with traditional dark chocolate or with candied-rainbow chocolate.

Warning: addictive

Available in small, medium or large packs

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

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best oatmeal raisin cookies PhilippinesOriginally an ancient Scottish recipe for a healthy, easy-to-carry, eat-anywhere, energy-booster, the oatmeal cookie has morphed into the oatmeal raisin cookie we know today. What makes all the difference in Somerset Home-baked Goodies' Oatmeal Raisin Cookies is the use of local ingredients wherever possible, the addition of selected chopped nuts and the dedication for perfection in every baking of these iconic cookies.

Warning: addictive

Available in packs of 5 or 10 packs

Russian Tea Cookies

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best Russian tea cookies PhilippinesPerhaps not even Russian, maybe even English, the "Russian" tea cookie (or tea cake) has found an enviable place at Christmas parties, weddings (in Mexico they are "Mexican Wedding Cookies") and almost every gathering of family and friends around the World; the only difference appears to be the nuts used. At Somerset Home-baked Goodies we use only the finest, locally grown cashew nuts to make the Somerset Home-baked Goodies' Russian Tea Cookies simply the best little, powdered sugar coated cookie to offer to your friends and guests at gatherings.

Warning: can be addictive

Available in packs of 10 cookies, or more

Butter Cookies

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Perhaps a recipe brought by the Danish when they visited England in the Ninth century, the butter cookie has been around a long time. A simple and elegant cookie to serve at any tea party or gathering of friends and family. The Somerset Home-baked Goodies' difference is the love and dedication to perfection that is taken in baking these iconic cookies, so that every bite offers an explosion of uniquely-Philippine buttery taste.

Warning: addictive

Available in small, medium or large packs




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